Your amazing skin - an introduction.

As a dermatologist, I am constantly impressed with the strength and beauty of the skin.  It is your contact point with the rest of the world.  It defines the borders of where your body ends and the rest of the universe starts.  Your skin is resilient, adaptable, and complex.   Unfortunately, the world of skincare products is also complex, and frankly, a bit chaotic- even for a dermatologist.   I want to share with you a bit of how this dermatologist / dermatopathologist begins to approach the somewhat daunting task of sifting through the plethora of products out there.  This article (or any of my articles) is not intended to provide medical advice, but is offered as educational information in the hope that it helps you make more informed decisions when purchasing your skincare products.   Here's to achieving your skincare goals!

Kay K. Sung, M.D.